Video continues to be the strongest way to find, connect, and engage with customers and clients of all types. Every company needs to be thinking about their video presence and how they’re using it for marketing and retention. Video is hard though. And finding ways to hack video production is key to catching up on the lost ground.

Digital humans are one of the emerging ways that companies can “hack” their video presence. A digital human is essentially an online character that can be molded to look and say whatever you want. Digital humans can resemble a company’s CEO. They can resemble an employee. They can be their own being.

The point, though, is that you create a digital human once, and they become the focal point for videos forever.

No need to purchase expensive video equipment. No need to hire video studios every time you want to create a brand video.

Instead, tap into a company like Synthesia who will turn you or one of your employees into a digital human. From there, they make an interface where you type in the words you want the digital human to say and it’ll generate a video asset that really looks like they’re speaking those words. That’s how I arrived at the digital human QuHarrison in the video above.

Let that sink in.

Never before could you get in front of a green screen, say a few words, and generate an AI model of yourself that could become a customizable digital human. Furthermore, a digital human that could then be treated as a modifiable video machine.

Digital humans will soon become the lowest barrier to entry in creating videos.

Imagine the power of your customer experience team each having digital human versions of themselves. You’ve just empowered them to engage with your customers through video at very little marginal cost.

Personalized video becomes table stakes through digital humans.

If you’re interested in learning more about digital humans, Trends Exchange is hosting an event called Digital Humans Day.

Digital Humans Day is a one-day virtual event for catching you up to speed on the technology that makes digital humans possible and sharing ways for you to capture value in your organization through digital humans.

Digital Humans Day will be featuring insights from brand and technology leaders at Nike, Verizon, Amazon, Apple, and UneeQ (the leader in digital human technology).

You can register for Digital Humans Day here: